Sunday, November 27, 2011

Roguelike development deferred

For now all my roguelike projects are officially deferred for the indefinite future.

The Blacken Java library is on It is currently usable, and I may use it on a 7DRL at some point. There are no immediate plans for a full-scale roguelike.

The Python STEW Roguelike library ran in to trouble with the desire to go to Python 3. It also suffered from repeated redesigns. The dependency on full Unicode support -- while required for my goals -- further complicated things. Add to this many of my goals for it are now met with LibTCOD, and it just isn't high-priority.

The joy I get out of talking about writing projects is just as great as the joy I got out of talking about Roguelikes or my other projects when I managed to talk to someone who "got" it. More than this, the chance of an average person "getting" what I am talking about is so much higher that it is suddenly a joy to talk to complete strangers about my passion projects.

This site will remain the location for my random tech notes. The primary audience here has always only been me.

Friday, November 25, 2011

New writing blog

My writing/fiction work officially has a blog of its own.

S. W. Black, a blog named after my (current) fiction writing moniker.