Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ripping audio tracks from a DVD

My brother-in-law wound up with a bunch of his songs on DVD. (They're his songs, as in he wrote them.) He asked for help getting the songs off the DVD on on to a CD.

The research phase is done. Two tools will both do the job.

From http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-rip-dvd-audio-to-mp3-or-ogg.html :

transcode -i /dev/dvd -x dvd -T 1,20 -a 0 -y wav -m track20.wav
or from http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/rip-the-audio-from-a-dvd-349796/ :
mplayer -vo null -ao pcm -aofile audio.wav dvd://01
Now, it certainly seems easy enough... We'll see how it plays out in practice.


Steven said...

Transcode didn't complete. Kept throwing errors. Hopefully the disc is good.

encoding frames [000000-000332], 191.54 fps, EMT: 0:00:13, ( 0| 0| 0)
*** libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in nav_read.c:263 ***
*** for dsi->dsi_gi.zero1 == 0 ***

encoding frames [000000-000619], 208.72 fps, EMT: 0:00:25, ( 0| 0| 9)
clean up | frame threads | unload modules | cancel signal | internal threads | done
[transcode] encoded 620 frames (0 dropped, 0 cloned), clip length 25.86 s

That's 25 seconds. Far different than what lsdvd shows:
Title: 08, Length: 00:08:23.176 Chapters: 01, Cells: 17, Audio streams: 01, Subpictures: 00

Steven said...

The original mplayer line wasn't up-to-date.

mplayer -vo null -ao pcm:waveheader -ao pcm:file=track8.wav dvd://08

It *appears* to be working better than the transcode line. We'll see...

Steven said...

The mplayer command I mentioned worked perfectly.