Saturday, August 9, 2014

Politics website idea

I have an idea for a politics-related website. It simplifies the issue of special interests in to one of trust.

Citizens rate special interests in order of trust.
Special interests have opinions on issues. They can either support, oppose or have no opinion on issues.

Issues are defined as legislation or concrete potential legislation. Abstract issues are off the table.

Ideally, the special interests should have web pages specifically targeting legislation, so their opinion on it is clear and well articulated. The site would only support a link to the organization's page on the issue.

Citizens can see the issues they support by proxy, but do not directly have opinions on issues. They can also see how politicians favor their special interests.

Politicians can see the overall trust for special interests and know when they're taking money from a group that's out of favor with their constituency.

A citizen's opinion on an issue is provided for them by their special interests, walking the list of special interests from the most-trusted to the least-trusted until one of them has an opinion on the issue. This proxied opinion on issues is also related to politicians.

It is basically a simplification of the petition-modal. If I support organization A, the only reason I wouldn't sign a petition they send me is because it conflicts with organization B that I favor over them.

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