Monday, August 9, 2004

Goo for STEW...

So, I've really decided to gut my existing attack-related logic. I'm headed toward the capacity for true creature-specific attack logic.

Now, this really appears outlandish for traditional Rogue-types of games. Namely, the classic BSD Rogue only has one type of attack, and one type of damage. It has special functions which may be done in addition to the attack, but basically one type of attack.

There is one true exception to the rule, and that is fire-breathing dragons. They have a genuine ranged attack. It also has another odd type of attack, in that there is a (stationary) plant with an odd progressive attack. (It does more damage the more times it hits you.)

However, those two oddities are patched in to a structure which is extremely straight-forward. It has only one way to determine if you are hit. It has only one true form of damage. It is very centered on hand-to-hand combat.

Allowing STEW to support true creature-specific attack logic means that I'll be able to deal with things like the progressive attack without splicing logic in places it doesn't belong.

It also means that I'll easily be able to support things like the race-based defense advantages of the D20 system. Additionally, only with the flexability of true per-instance attack logic (where potentially every player and NPC could have their own attack logic) can I handle the sort of customization found in games like Silver Age Sentinals, and BESM.

In any case, this is a change of structure from what I was doing before. The change-over should go smoothly enough. it's pretty straight-forward.

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